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Wireless Internet Support Questions

  1. How do I configure my email accounts ?

  2. How to manage my email accounts ?

  3. What is Wireless Internet Access? 

  4. Is this The same as Satellite Internet? 

  5. Will I have to learn anything new to Use this System? 

  6. How many computers can I connect? 

1. Configuring eMail
Please refer to our Virtual eMail Configuration Guide for Outlook/Windows Live Mail

2. Manage

3. Wireless Internet access is a form of high speed, or Broadband Internet access, that uses a radio frequencies instead of a phone or cable line. Paragon is providing high speed cost effective solutions for Internet access via Wireless, NO PHONE LINES NEEDED! 
There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections anymore, with Wireless Internet your computer is always on the internet. 

 4. NO! Wireless Internet is bi-directional unlike satellite solutions, where you download via the dish antenna but you are also connected by phone line to the internet for uploading information. This wireless solution eliminates the need for any dedicated phone lines, and therefore reduces your costs, while providing data rates much better than cable modems or ISDN.

5. If you already know how to use a Web Browser you will find our system totally transparent. You are always online. You click on your browser icon, and you are online with no delay- no waiting for a free line or a connection. 

6. As many as you want, behind a router or wireless router . Be aware that they will all share the bandwidth provided for you.

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